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Switch to Windows Hosting?

Many hosting resellers will find advantages in switching to a Windows server hosting environment over Linux. While Linux is a very popular hosting platform, Windows offers multiple advantages as well as providing support for the same technologies as Linux. For this reason, Windows based solutions are great resalable products.

In One solution?

With providers such as H P Info Systems, Windows Reseller hosting is really an all in one solution. Holding multiple accounts in order to keep up with customer requirements is no longer a necessity as Windows hosting enables you to host any type of applications right alongside each other.

The Windows environment would for example allow hosting of an ASP.Net application with an MS-SQL backend database and a PHP blog with MySQL on the same web site.

Consolidating all your accounts into one has a number of benefits including cost savings, better customer tracking as all your customers use the same interface, reduced support load and costs as the need to have employees knowledgeable in many interfaces/technologies is no longer a necessity.

A usual back draw to consolidation is the popular “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, however with the creation of control panels as WebSitePanel, a well designed enterprise solution will create the same effect as having accounts with multiple hosting providers but centralize access to those accounts.

Wider sources of income

Linux based hosting accounts reduce web hosts’ income potential by limiting the technologies they can offer to PHP, Perl, MySQL. Windows hosting not only allows a host to utilize the same technologies as on UNIX but also enables them to offer ASP and ASP.Net with MS-SQL, a more powerful tool for web application development.

Many of the most popular content management systems utilize ASP.Net and MS-SQL. Selecting a Windows hosting platform will allow a web host to cater to this vast and growing market share.

Selecting Windows Reseller Hosting allows resellers to tap into the latest technologies available and add them to their portfolio of services. Offering higher-margin managed services such as Exchange with Windows Mobile and ActiveSync, SharePoint, CRM, etc… exponentially increases a hosts profit potential as the market for these types of services has been growing at rapid rate over the past few years. As more companies look to outsource their IT needs, Microsoft based hosts will see their customer base expand and their income spread over a wider range of products making them a more viable business.

Partnering with a H P Info Systems that offers the Microsoft Windows platform, affords hosting businesses many opportunities to grow by catering to wider audiences without losing their existing Linux customer base.

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